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With their own personality and human friends

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With their own personality and human friends: this is how Elon Musk hopes that the robots of the future will beElon Musk has one of the most restless minds to be found in Silicon Valley today. The tycoon, who likewise makes a monkey play video games with the brain that sends you into space, accumulates…


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Business fundamentals The business of selling floor coverings has two paths, which directly depend on the financial capabilities of the organizer. The first way is to open a store with a wide range of products, from budget linoleum and carpet to expensive parquet boards and laminate. In this case, you will need large storage facilities…

Annke C800 – PoE camera with great sound support

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There is a lot of talk about cameras that can be placed both outside and inside the building. Annke C800 is another device of this type. However, it will work not only as external monitoring, but can even be used to transmit the image from a conference or meeting. Especially since it handles sound very well.   Annke is…